Somaliland: Rome and Hargeisa Establish Closer Diplomatic Links


FM Mohamed Behi Younis at meeting with Italys deputy minister of foreign affairs Lapo Pistelli

By: Yusuf M Hasan
ROME (Somalilandsun) – The Italian Government has received a briefing on prevailing status on issues pertinent to democratization process, security, economy, and development among others.

The briefing was undertaken by the foreign affairs minister Mohamed Behi Younis during a meeting with Italy’s deputy minister of foreign affairs Lapo Pistelli at the latter’s’ office in Rome where the Somaliland quest for international recognition as a sovereign nation in addition to the future of stalled talks with neighbouring Somalia were also part of the palate.
According to a statement released by the communications office at the Somaliland ministry of foreign affairs in Hargeisa the two governments agreed on establishing closer diplomatic links spearheaded by expeditious action on Cooperation in soliciting especially within Europe, Somaliland’s recognition of Sovereignty internationally under Italian stewardship as well as the authorities in Rome channeling development assistance funds via the Somaliland Development Fund-SDF.
While meeting with Rama’s deputy foreign minister seems insignificant , for Somaliland a former British protectorate that in 1960 joined in a voluntary union with Somalia a former Italian colony only to withdraw in 1992 the meeting between Behi and Pistelli is a gigantic diplomatic coup, in the essence of the importance Italians attach to reunion between the two and wholehearted support availed whatever government is in Villa Somalia.
The Somaliland foreign minister who flew directly to Rom after representing the country at the Tana Forum in Ethiopia together with his interior colleague Mohamed Ali Waran’ade is expected to visit London for discussions with UK government officials.