Somalilandsun – The VP might as well be echoing the Chinese adage that a journey of a thousand miles started with the first step.

Yes, indeed the first foot stepped forward is involuntarily followed by its other pair when a walk, run, trot, trek, gallop or any motion is set.

As for SL, ours starts with our aspirations hence all the rest following is to be positively rallied around it. Anything to the contrary is anti-SL; technically and practically.

The way the VP answered tough prods from DMG chiefs, it is our belief that the Hargeisa airport saga should not have developed if it was handled this way from the beginning. Only one seventh of what that is really needed has been in use so far.

In other words we call upon the officials in top state offices to be articulate and candid hence leave no rooms or holes that can be manipulated by distracters.

Diligence is of course expected from all of us hence the means, ways and manner of expressions always matters.

In the same breath we once more call upon all stake holders in the fourth estate industry to think Somaliland first before taking their thousand miles tours.

When dealing with issues, we should handle them with all responsibilities expected thereof, to be thus as fair, tangible, articulate and cohesive as possible.

Meanwhile we deplore the latest spate of muggings and thuggery that has already cost lives and plea to the concerned to delve into it.

Despite the fact that it has upped some notches hitherto unknown, we are confident that it can be nipped in the bud, before it reaches an alarming stage. We hail the security apparatus for the steadfastness depicted the past two decades just as we equally ask them to double their efforts.

Now that the National Police Forces Bill motion has now been passed by the parliament, we hope the Police department will work better when the law is enacted. This has come at a time that it is needed so much.

It is of course incumbent upon all of Somalilanders of all walks of life and of all ages that matter to join forces together and leave no stone unturned until we achieve our aspirations.

We support the VP and all other leaders who called upon our populace to shun tribalism.

The endemic disease and pathongenisity of tribalism is known quite well to all as to be one with a very poor and grave prognosis; fatal if anything.

Major mobilizations drive to campaign against tribalism should be ignited. Through both print and electronic media, bill-boards, seminars, pulpits, school pastoral teachings or any other channels should be used to maximum to fight this chronic case.

It is true that our thousand steps would hit snags if we let this ugly demeanor go on un-rogued.

Thew writer M.A.Egge is the editor of The Horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published by the state owned Dawan media group in Hargeisa