Somaliland: RMCO Enters Local Mining Sector


RMCO staff at work

Somalilandsun – Rashid Mining Company- RMCO is an exploration and mining company, offers dynamic growth with a track record of finding and developing mines in Somaliland. RMCO’s strategy is to focus on newly democratic countries where it has the opportunity to acquire highly prospective ground as an early entrant.

The Company has a substantial depth of mining experience both through its team of explorers and management.
In addition to providing significant strategic direction and our operational experience, RMCO provides its subsidiaries with its in-house technical, corporate and administrative support.

The RMCO’s long term strategy provides its state government of Somaliland with direct and indirect exposure to an actively managed and optimized portfolio of selected resource situations from grassroots exploration through to mine development and provides the market with a number of well managed resource opportunities in which to invest.

RMCO prospecting activities

The management of RMCO Mining Company Ltd commits to uphold the highest standards of honesty and integrity, and to safeguard the interests of Somaliland Government, employees, business partners and the communities in which we do business.

Management will do its utmost to protect the lifestyle, heritage and environment in our areas of operations. We will strive to extract the Minerals from our discoveries safely, efficiently and thoroughly to make the best possible use of the natural resources being mined.
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