Somaliland: Rio Architects, Facilitates Dream Homes Realization


By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
HARGEISA (Somaliland sun) – Until 2 years ago the dream homes of somalilanders were Drab undersigned structures devoid of architectural style, interior decoration and landscaping.
But the hitherto uniformly Construction engineers designed homes that adorn Somaliland towns and more so the capital Hargeisa are slowly being phased out by stylishly designed ones courtesy of a professional company Rio Architects.
This development comes with the irony of Rio (Dream in Somali) Architects being the only one to provide professional architectural services to the booming Somaliland construction industry that is also source of livelihood for thousands citizens.
Prototype Futuristic design of Egal airport by Rio Architects

For Rio Architects that came to the limelight during presentation of its dream Egal International Airport futuristic design under commission by the central government making citizens grasp the relevance of Architectural design continues to be the major hurdle.
“The Somali language does not accommodate the word architecture, of which a closer word is “nashqad’ meaning design’ Rio principal architect Warfa told somalilandsun adding that though their services are making penetrations, initial response from prospective customers was “Why should I pay for a drawing of a House”
Men @ work, The Booming construction indsutry employs thousands of Somalilanders

To gain a detailed grasp of the why, what, who and where of Rio Architects the only company providing the Somaliland construction industry with Architectural designs and how it has so far made the dream home of some citizens come true Keep watch of this site.
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