Somaliland: Reunion with Somalia Shall never Be! Say Demonstrators


As angry Citizens Protest against IGAD and IC interference in internal issues while standing firmly behind president Silanyo’s decision to postpone parliamentary elections.

Reunion with Somalia shall never be say citizens of Somaliland

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) Hundreds of citizens took to the streets of the capital Hargeisa, in an overt demonstration of commitment to the sovereignty of their country Somaliland , support of Government and in protest against external interference in matters internal.
Chanting “We don’t want Somalia” repeatedly and terming the withdrawal from Union with Somalia 25 years ago as not only irrevocable but non negotiable as well the mostly youthful demonstrators had as their impetus , the Recent insinuations by IGAD leader that Somaliland is an administrative region Somalia thence obligated to participate in the war torn country’s elections
The demonstrations organized by the government came after the administration of president Silanyo had issued a scathing rejoinder to the IGAD leaders communique issued form Mogadishu.
Below is a story bout the demonstrations in Hargeisa by journalist Omar Mohamed Farah
separate protests against the international community (IC), took place in several provinces of Somaliland included Hargeisa, Somaliland’s capital, Borame,awdal region as well as Burao second city of the country earlier on Tuesday.
This demonstrations likewise upheld the president decision which he separated the parliamentary and presidential elections due to in 27 March 2017. The president of Somaliland Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo postponed parliamentary polls. While the presidential election put forward in its timeline.
In this protestors among the traditional leaders, the students in intermediate and secondary school pupils, youth and thousands of ordinary civilians were in attendance.
In speaking on those occasions the protestors expressed their concern to the international community call issued on last Friday.
“We are affirming to the international community those take substantial support of Somaliland’s democratization process, we thank their consecutive support, as we (Somaliland) we listen their say but as a country we have independent to decide our political interests when it comes to national issues,” Saed Abdi Shil the principle of a Farah Omar Secondary school in Hargeisa told to the reporters during the public gathering.
Youthful citizens demonstrate in Hargeisa in protest against IGADHe added as saying “We support our president position in terms of postponement parliamentary polls it should redistribute the seats of representatives fairly the regions and this task is needed a extra time to fix disputed issues involving the parliamentary election.”

In his part Saleban Osman, one of the traditional elites in Somaliland called on to the international community not to dictate the internal affairs “We appeal the International community to respect Somaliland’s decision making bodies and our elected incumbent president who serves the national interest and the well being of our nationhood.”
On the other hand state minister of security of Ministry o interior, Mohamed Muse Diriye, disdains that the government orchestrated those various protests against IC. “We didn’t take any role of the preparations of these protests, the citizens organized freely and decided to support their president position in the electoral issues the government only is guarding the security on these gatherings.”
State minister of security expresses the long standing ties Somaliland with the international community. “As a country we aren’t oppose the IC, because they are our partners in several significant sectors but we are calling to listen and consider our reasonable situations that resulted the delay of legislatives polls, “he insisted.

Residents of Borame demonstrate in protest against IC and in support of Somaliland president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo
WADDANI of oppositional political party, has rejected the head of state’s decision separated the parliamentary and presidential elections. The party has wooed the international community call referring to hold both elections jointly.