Somaliland: Residents Destroy Khatumo Radio Station


destroyed SSC radio toolsAs Mr. Jiinyare the Sool regional Administrator claims title of Secessionists and Terrorism Fighting Governor

By: Yusuf M Hasan

BUHODLE (Somalilandsun) – The Khatumoists secessionists are currently unable to deliver propaganda.

Residents of Buhodle have destroyed equipment belonging to a clandestine radio station in the town which is aligned to the Khatumo Secessionists.

Destruction of the clandestine radio station occurred during demonstrations by hundreds of area residents who were protesting what they termed “Khatumoists Warmongering and anti peace activities” within Sool region.

The now off air clandestine radio station which is said to be funded by Somali MP Ali Khalif Galayd was termed by the irate demonstrators as a danger to their well being as it operates only to propagate the creation of Khatumo state through instilling hate towards the republic of Somaliland.

According to a somalilandtoday reporter the furious anti Khatumo secession demonstrators ended up destroying all the broadcasting equipment after they stormed the building housing the radio station. The employees of the radio station who hail from the area were not harmed during the violent act at the radio station.

The disgraced Khatumo leadership which had in the past derived most of its support from area is yet to react to the incident that is proof that the Buhodle peace accord is holding firm.

Sool regSSC station in Buhodleion which is home to the secessionists and a former battle ground between clan militias and national security forces is slowly turning into the most peaceful region of the country since the president Silanyo and Minister Hagaltosie Buhodle Peace Accord came into effect mid last year.

Meanwhile the Sool regional governor informs that the security situation in the former volatile region is up to standards.

Governor Mahmud Mohamed Ali ‘Jiinyare’ credited the conducive security in the region to his relentless vigilance and war against Khatumo Secessionists and terrorists as well as the implementation of the Buhodle peace accord.

Saying that Sool region is bordered by a hateful neighbour (read Puntland) Governor Jiinyare praised residents for their cooperation with the administration that has contributed to enhanced security. He promised to not only maintain status quos but improve on them as well.

While informing that he is the best Secessionists and Terrorism Fighting Governor Sool region ever had, the regional administrator said “I shall not rest until all the uncouth elements disturbing the peace and destroying livelihoods in our region are completely destroyed”