Somaliland: Residents Accuse Wajaale District Administration Of Embezzment


Wajale Residents want accountability

By: G.A. Maher

WAJAALE (Somalilandsun) – The Wajaale town district administration have been accused by motorists and traders for misappropriating funds donated by the business community of the town and area residents for construction of the local roads infrastructure.

The district development committee collected two hundred to five thousand US dollars from the town traders for the tarmacking of the town streets.

They added that the government gave $500,000 US dollars. All money remittance agencies paid for the funds and even some business men donated up to $30,000, they say. All in all they said that the donations total was more than $45000.

They complained of the deplorable conditions of the town roads that make it hard for traffic to move efficiently during the rainy season. They asked the government to intervene to bring those corrupt officials to book.