Somaliland: Renewed Buhoodle Clan Clashes Results in Death and Injuries


Confirms interior minister Faraton as he reveals imposition of a dusk to dawn Curfew

Clan clashes empty the streets of Buhoodle

By: Yusuf M Hasan
BUHOODLE (Somalilandsun) – The killing of a man in Buhoodle has resulted into a full fledged clan fight.
All day starting early morning of Saturday 19th August, Buhoodle town is the scene of skirmishes between two resident sub-clans that has ensued with the death of 10 people and injuries to numerous others.
The deaths and injuries were confirmed by the Somaliland interior minister Prof Yasin Mahmud Hiir “Faraton” during an interview with ERYAL Tv in which he also revealed that a dusk to dawn curfew has been imposed in the town.
Minister Faraton also informed that the government is yet to intervene as pertains pursuit of amicable resolution as the priority at the moment is stabilizing the situation.
According to Somalilandsun sources the deadly clashes of the day emanated from the wanton killing of an Ali Geeri clansman by one from Reer Hagar on Friday within Buhoodle town.
While such murders between the two subclans of the Dhulbahante clan have occurred in the past acrimonious rising temperatures to full scale war, is said to have been precipitated by the perpetrator’s clan refusal to honour the norm, heavily armed clansmen battle in the streets of Buhoodle in Somaliland
“which stipulate that perpetrators relatives must hand over the culprit to that of the victim” said our source who remains anonymous for personal security reasons.
Having set to death his victim, the murderer is said to have escaped to Puntland, a neighbouring Somalia administrative region, with not only full cognizance but financial and material support from his Reer Hagar clan.
The inter- sub-clans fracas leading to the deaths and injuries thus resulted after, Ali Geeri clansmen having demanded as per agreed inter-clan laws the handover of the perpetrator, apparently untenable since he was miles away, are reported attacked the Reer Hagar.
In the meantime Sool regional traditional leaders have urged immediate cessation of hostilities in Buhoodle as well as respect and subsequent observance of inter-sub clan laws.
The traditional leaders led by Garad Jama Garad Ismail made the appeal for peace at a press conference in Las Anod town from where they stated that recurrence of clan clashes in Buhoodle was not only “worrisome to the town residents only but to the whole of Sool region and republic of Somaliland at large”
“renewed warfare between Buhoodle clans is disheartening thence urge immediate cessation of hostilities” said Garad Jama Garad Ismail who spoke for the entire traditional leadership of Sool region.
The Garad who stressed on the negative impact of renewed clan hostilities also stated that failure to honour local clan laws should not be an issue for the said laws were put in place in order to deter incidents like current ones, in which deaths and life threatening injuries have occurred.
“While expressing our disgust at the clashes were hereby send an appeal for expedited end of hostilities thence open avenues for the government and traditional leadership’s reconciliation intervention” said Garad Jama Garad Ismail
While traditional leaders and government officials are pursuing avenues of ending the clashes through peaceful reconciliation, hasty is imperative since the volatility of Buhoodle town among strongholds of the secession Khatumo movement is just recovering from years of neglect caused by armed skirmishes between local militias and Somaliland armed forces

Somaliland interior minister Yasin Faraton -L- confirms Buhoodle deaths while Sool region traditional leaders led by Garad Jama R appeal for calm
Somaliland interior minister , assorted reports and Sool region traditional leaders on the Buhoodle Clan clashes