Somaliland: Reminiscing a Turbulent History and a Peoples Resilience –video


1000s of Somalis displaced during the 1980s 90s war with Barre for the reindenpence of Somaliland still in the diaspora

By: Slsun

Somalilandsun – Beginning at Beerta Horyada Hargeisa Independence day on 26th June 1960 a brief documentary catalogues the history of Somaliland to union with Somalia, repercussions of the president Abdirashid assassination, ascendance of Dictator Siad Barre, Ogden War and subsequent annihilation of Northerners.

Despite its voluntary union with Italian Somalia in 1960 five days after garnering its own independence from Great Britain, residents of Somaliland then Northwest region found themselves disfranchised in all sectors of life.

All but Dictator in name Siad Barre ended up fighting his own peopleAll this saw the Republic of Somalia Africa’s only homogenous country disintegrate into a clan rebellion in which Barre found himself fighting his own people more so through a brutal campaign revolving around assassinations, massacres, aerial bombings that ensued with thousands of thousands dead, maimed or displaced both internally and externally as visualized in a somalinet forums availed 9 minutes video dubbed Breif old documentary about Somaliland