Somaliland: Religious Leaders Implement Corona Virus Prevention Guidelines

Sermons at all mosques in Last Friday' Jamaa prayers were the shortest ever all over Somaliland

Somalilandsun: Sermons at all mosques in Last Friday’ Jamaa prayers were the shortest ever all over Somaliland.

This was in pursuit of implementing Covid-19 prevention guidelines issued by the government through the National Corona virus Prophylactic Committee recently constituted by President Muse Bihi.

The guidelines that have so far seen all learning institutions close for one month had specific instructions for Imams (sheikhs) as pertains conduct of worship at mosques namely

All Imams are instructed that all the five compulsory five daily prayers should each not exceed 25 minutes

• All mosques to close stop their toilets and ablution places thence make them inaccessible to worshippers (public)

• All windows at mosques should be open all the time

• All worshippers should make ablution at home or work places

• Any person coughing or exhibiting flu symptoms to pray at home and

• All religious leaders to offer prayers to Allah towards virus prevention of the virus prevalence in the country

During the first Friday prayers since the guidelines were announced Imams in all mosques conformed in concert while adding virus preventive measures to their sermons.

At the Ali Mataan mosque in central Hargeisa where hundreds of worshippers were in attendance the Imam Sheikh Mohamed Adan stressed on the imperatives of observing strict hygienic standards through regular handwashing using soap.

“cleanliness is enshrined in our religion” said Sh Mohamed while adding that at this period when the world is faced with a viral infection that thrives on dirt strict adherence to Islamic rigorous tenets of sanitation was not a request but a must.

Similarly prominent religious scholar and Sheikh Mohamed Sheikh Omar Dirir urged worshipers and all somallanders at large to strictly adhere to WHO and government of Somaliland provided prevention guidelines in order to avoid Covid-19 infection.

“Unless it is unavoidable kindly stay at home , keep a distance from people so that we can all participate in deterring Corona virus in this country which is yet to confirm a case ☺️

Sheikh Dirir also suspended his regular and popular meetings in which the holy Quran is translated and legal tenets simplified.