Somaliland: Regional Sports Competition Enters Final Stages


• Hawd, Maroodi-jeeh, Daad-madeed & Gabile in Football semi-finals

• Gabile and Maroodi-jeeh in Basketball finals

• Daad-madeed region clinches overall Athletics Title

By: Mahmud Walaleye

Hargeisa- The annual regional sports competition is in its culmination to be realized on Friday the 21st June 2013.

In the much contested football tournament that saw all competition 13 regions in contention, semi-finals are to be played on Tuesday the 18th at Hargeisa Stadium where upstarts Daad-madeed shall play last tournaments runners-up Hawd as the other upstart of Gabile battles with reigning champions Maroodi-jeeh.

Strikers vying for the brand new vehicle availed by Dahabshil group for top goal scorer are from Daad-madeed, Maroodi-jeeh and Sanaag regions with four goals each respectively.

The player from Sanaag wSoccer Semi-finalistshose team has already been eliminated is believed to have his fingers crossed in prayers that none of the two players each from Daad-madeed and Maroodi-jeeh scores during the semi or finals if their teams proceed that far thus became joint winner.

As per basketball Gabile region which is to be termed as the most outstanding technically among all competitors will challenge reigning champions Maroodi-jeeh.

The former Odweine district of Togdeer region now making its maiden appearance in the tournament as the fully fledged region of Daad-madeed shock many after it won the overall athletics champions that were concluded yesterday with presentations of medals by sports minister Ali Saeed Raygal at Hargeisa Stadium..

The athletics competition which has over the years remained boys only and devoid of field events thus track based only saw the following youngsters emerge winners in their various events

100 meters

1. Saeed Ismail Hirsi –Sahil Region

2. Mohamed Elmi Beegsi- Daad-madeed region

3. Ali Hasan Nuur –Awdal Region

200 meters

1. Yaqub Issaq Tawfiq –Awdal region

2. Saeed Ismail Hirsi –Sahil Region

3. Mohamed Elmi Beegsi- Daad-madeed region

800 meters

1. Abdirahman Awil Muse – Daad-madeed region

2. Abdiqani Mohamed – Togdeer Region

3. Mahmud Ibrahim Mohamed – Daad-madeed region

1,500 meters

1. Jima’ale Ahmed Jibril – Daad-madeed region

2. Eidle Aden Arbe –Awdal Region

3. Mahmud Ibrahim Muumin – Daad-madeed region

3,000 meters

1. Jima’ale Ahmed Jibril – Daad-madeed region

2. Eidle Aden Arbe –Awdal Region

3. Khalid Ali Ibrahim – Daad-madeed region

10 Km Half Marathon

1. Jima’ale Ahmed Jibril – Daad-madeed region

2. Eidle Aden Arbe –Awdal Region

3. Mahmud Ibrahim Muumin – Daad-madeed region

4. Khalid Mahmud Ahmed – Hawd Region

Overall Standings

2013 overall athletics Champions: Daad-madeed region 54 points

1st runners-up – Awdal Region 31 points

2nd runners up – Hawd Region 20 points

3rd placed – Sahil Region 16 points

4th – Gabile region 12 points

5th – Togdeer region with 9 points and

6th – Maroodi-jeeh region with 3 points

The other competing 7 regions did not register a single point

Somaliland Regional Tournament, who at Hargeisa Football

This annual tournament that brings all the regions together in one alternate city each year is the 6th consecutive one and the most highly participated ever with 13 regions in completion and the highest number of spectators on the ground and nationwide as well globally through live transmissions by 7 local and satellite based TV channels and numerous websites courtesy of telecommunication giants Somtel and Telesom was officially opened by President Silanyo on the 2nd of this month.

Apart from thearrest and detention  of Togdeer regional football team players by Hargeisa police the saddest event of the entire tournament was the black, no no, non-coverage-yes given to Basketball and Athletics competitions by all the country’s print and electronic media-Shame on us the fourth estate, Somalilandsun included-Editor