Somaliland: “Recruitment and Termination of Civil Service is Neither Nepotistic nor Clan Based”


By: Yusuf M HasanMr Sayid cautions against useless verbosity

HARGEISA (Somaliland) – Opposition Politicians have been urged to provide constructive criticism which is nation building healthy rather than continue pursuing current and irrelevant outbursts as they try to outdo each other in vehement castigation of the government.

This was stated by the Managing Editor of the State owned print media, the Dawan Media Group-DMG Mr Mohamed Osman Mire ‘Sayid’ in reaction to accusations directed at the ministry of information and Culture by the 2nd Deputy chair of the opposition Wadani Party Mr Ahmed Mumin Saeed

As per local media reports The politician had accused the information ministry of being an institution where employees are employed or fired on the basis of their clan lineage or region or origin, this after a prominent TV presenter was reported to have been fired. The two politicians and sacked employee hail from the same clan and region.

“Above all politicians of the stature of Mumin should be well versed on the fact that neither nepotism, clan membership nor regional origin is basis for recruitment and service termination of civil servants services” informed Sayid

While Informing that the administration of president Silanyo is a democratic one thus open to constructive criticisms the state print editor caution politicians devoid of meaningful national development initiatives against misconstruing this as a license for irrelevant outbursts only geared towards showing hardworking citizens how tough they can get.

At a media briefing in his offices the DMG boss stressed that the government which is committed and with a proven track record in the construction of a cohesive nation gradually enveloping the entire country cannot be accused of nepotism and/or Clannism.

Wondering whether the purported victim of nepotism and regional bias at the ministry of information obtained his employment through the same mechanisms now said to be used for his service termination, Mr Mohamed O Mire said that to his knowledge recruitment and termination of employment within the civil service is is the preserve of the Civil Service Commission

On the issue of never ending criticisms for the mere sake of criticisms, he urged the now increasing errant politicians to Chanel their thoughts , energies and resources to national issues as opposed to their engrossment with petty issues that are only worthy of political groups established on clan and or region basis for purposes of local council elections.

“Having successfully concluded local council elections in Nov 2012 in which seven political groups contested with four losing thus the registration of the three winning groups as national political parties, opposition politicians should now act for the nation” said Sayid

On the accusations by Wadani politician Ahmed Mumin Saeed that not one but eight ministry of information employees originating from Awdal Region have recently been fired, Mr Sayid who said the claims were not only false but made in malice asked the politician to stop being vague on figures but give names, so and so to the count of eight thus prove his allegations.

Said he, “I challenge the good Mumin to prove his allegations by naming the eight Awdalites fired by the information ministry not in the recent past only but going as far back as when this administration assumed office in mid-2010”

In conclusion the Dawan media group managing editor Mr Mohamed Osman mire ‘Sayid’ wondered what shall happen to the country if ever the current opposition parties ever came to power.

Somalilandsun investigations which unearthed that the staffer, now reinstated, had not been actually sacked but suspended for disruption of TV programming on a number of days after he failed to submit assignments on time and without proper justification.

Also unearthed is the fact that only one ministry of information employee from Awdal region, the former Director of administration and finance at SNTV has been fired for corruption as a result of investigations by the auditor general’s office which instituted legal proceedings at a Hargeisa court.