Somaliland: Reconciliations To Resolve Issues In Eastern Regions


Somaliland health minister Dr Haglatosie and Khatumo leaderProf Ali K Galayd in a handshake of peace

Somaliland sun- The world continues to evolve and the pace of change can often cast a progressive shadow on the actual evolution that is taking place. Somaliland’s destination is unknown to man save Allah’s Grace but it is clear it’s on the ascendancy. 

The recent agreements made with some of the residents of the Eastern Regions of Somaliland is another notch or feather in the cap of in the nation’s continued efforts in the policy of inclusion, consensus building, outreach, constructive engagement and conflict resolution started well before the declaration of independence.
It is no coincidence that this agreement came to pass . We have had almost thirty years of practice. This is historic but the government should not rest on its laurels. It must not be heard to be praising itself but it must be seen to be taking concrete action.  
Successive governments have struggled with reaching out and bringing people together, words without action can lead to the political abyss.  Is this government heading for that same black hole of failed political efforts?  While the thought leaves some salivating at the possibility or some shock at the realization  that it could be all over for this current government.  I leave you with some conclusions others have drawn about our wonderful country. After all is it not what it is all about. 
The following link is an academic paper on Somaliland & East Timor..