Somaliland: Realization of Achievements is through Cohesion, First Lady Advices Youth


First Lady Amina-weris

By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun):- A youth NGO that brings together young intellectuals of Sh. Madar Estate in the city has honoured the First Lady Amina Sh. Mohammed Jirde (Amina-weris), the Presidency Minister Hon. Hersi Ali Haji Hassan and Head of welfare office at the Presidency Amina Mohamud Dirie.

The group which operates in the city, paid tribute to personalities that they deemed as being constantly steadfast in their public undertakings, in a ceremony held at Mansoor Hotel.

The First Lady has always been mindful of the welfare of the society especially orphans and mothers.

Hon. Hersi is a personality who takes his work services. In recent times he has relief members of the public in efforts focused at upgrading and establishing a modern road network that covers the whole country.

Amina Mohammud likewise has always been on toes eking relief supplies to needy places.

While receiving the honours, the First Lady said, “I have to make it clear that the three recipients who have been named here are not the only people who do exemplary things for the nation”.

She elaborated, “The business fraternity, the society and the youth also do a lot for the country”.

The First Lady noted that the only way out for “achievements to be realized is when there is cohesive unity, solidarity, understanding, and mutual conciliation hence supporting each other constantly”.

An eminent personality who graced the occasion, centurion Guurti Elder Hon. Haji Abdikarim Hussein, hailed the youth for acknowledging those who worked hard and tirelessly for the people.