Somaliland: Ready for Conditional Dialogue with Somalia


By: Yusuf M Hasan

VP Sayli (2nd L ) Receives President Silanyo 3rd L at Egal Airport Hargeisa

This was informed by the President H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo during a press briefing at the Egal international VIP Lounge upon his return from an official visit abroad where he also informed of plans by the UK and US governments to review their travel alerts for Somaliland.

During the week long working visit abroad the head of state and his entourage composed of first lady Amina Weris, Foreign minister Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar and planning minister Dr Saad Ali Shire met and held talks with the UK Foreign and commonwealth Secretary William Hague and British Somalilanders in London as well the US envoy to Kenya Ambassador Ropert F. Godec in Nairobi.

Foreign Secretary Hague meets President Silanyo/fileDuring the meeting at with FCO President Silanyo took the opportunity to brief the Foreign Secretary William Hague about the present security situation in Somaliland, highlighting both the historic record of peace and stability that the country has enjoyed for over 21 years as well as the specific measures his administration has taken to consolidate and expand on these achievements.

He also thanked Foreign Secretary Hague for the generous assistance which the UK is providing to Somaliland, noting that support in fostering investment, improving the security sector and enhancing democratic governance remain vital to Somaliland’s development and the region’s stability.

While expressing gratitude for the UK’s help in facilitating Somaliland/Somalia Dialogue, President Silanyo reaffirmed Somaliland’s commitment and readiness to resume the talks with Somalia.

While briefing British Somalilanders during a meeting in London the head of who detailed development achievements garnered and prevalent security situation back at home also revealed that the country will only participate in talks resumption with Somalia to be hosted by David Cameron in London in May, only if the talks are of interest to Somaliland as pertains to its stance on irrevocable and non-negotiable sovereignty.President Silanyo an Co brief british Somalilanders in london

While revealing Somaliland’s commitment to resumption of the international sanctioned talks with its neighbor Somalia, the Somaliland president informed that his country’s independence will not be an agenda as per the desires of 97% of citizens who remain adamant as to the irrevocability of their sovereignty.

“In view of this unanimous decision by citizens of my country, we shall continue with our relentless quest for international recognition even while holding talks with Somalia” said Dr Silanyo

Stressing on the fact that the talks with Somalia relate to good neighborliness between two countries that share common boundaries President Silanyo urged all stakeholders to respect the wishes of Somalilanders thus refrain from enunciating that resumed talks will deal with reunion.

Before proceeding to England president Silanyo was invited fir talks with the US government in Washington during talks with the US ambassador to Kenya Ropert F. Godec.President Silanyo press briefing at the Egal Airport VIP Lounge

President Silanyo who upon accepting the invitation for the forthcoming talks in Washington went on to thank the people and government of US for their continued assistance to various developments in the country.

In reference to the recent Travel alert issued by the US state department the head of state briefed on the prevalent and conducive security situation in Somaliland, which he termed as the most successful in the Horn of Africa as pertains to the fight on Terror and piracy.

“Somaliland is very secure for citizens and foreigners alike, due to the existing security cooperation between the government and its citizens” Said Dr Silanyo

Apart from the security factor the briefing by Dr Silanyo to the US diplomat responsible for Somaliland/Somalia also touched on SomalilaPresident Silanyo and Amb Godec in Nairobind’s cooperation with other Horn Africa countries on issues pertinent to the war on terror and anti-piracy that have supplemented international efforts.

The head of state also briefed on the achievements attained by his administration as pertains to improvement of peace and reconciliation, Economy, Political maturity, Democratization process, among others.

Upon return to the country the head of state and his entourage were received at the international by the vice president Hon Abdurrahman Sayli, Service commanders, legislators, ministers, women groups, politicians etc.