Somaliland: Readers Comments on Genel Energy Pull-out


Somalilandsun – The recent cessation of operations by Genel energy from oil prospecting activites in Somaliland has elicited a varied response from readers of Somalilandsun, below are a few of the comments-Editor

Comments by reader Unity! “I see Hargeisa as the future capital of the Somali republic. We need unity! Stop wasting your time on earth looking for unity. Allah will not ask us what country we are from? Why not build together as Somalis? The whole world must be laughing at us because we cannot get on at all. SL sovreignity goes against everything our ancestors strived for. Xawo Takoo, Mohamed Hassan Abdullah, they did not die for disunity!!!

Comments by reader Jacfar Nobody can force Somaliland to its knees to re-unite with Somalia and if Genel’s exit is politically driven by whatever external pressure let them leave. Somaliland government should make it clear to the world of what’s happening to counter attack their claim of insecurity. Load of rubbish!.

Comments by reader Lagos There is insecurity problems in the SSC areas. Not surprised this happened at all. SL had 23 years to rebuild themselves, recognition won’t build your country for you. Look at Taiwan, not internationally recognised yet they have a $670 Billion economy, without any oil. It’s all about hard work. If the one clan enclave of Hargeisa, Burco and Berbera focused more on building their ‘country’ than begging the cadaans for recognition they could compete with Taiwan. Build it and they will come. Hargeisa’s skyline is dominated by wires, come one!

Comments by reader Mohamoud Hersi in response to above “Lagos Abuja, how can you talk about clans of SL towns and urge these people to build their country like Taiwan?

It is this clan mentality and tribal extortionists who were threatening the company personnel that drove this company that has taken a very bold move to explore oil in SL in the first place. Please stop shooting from the hip. This is an unforgivable disservice to your people. Sit back and think about how to address this problem. There is no any conspiracy being hatched by Genel against Somaliland. They are the biggest loser here, my fellow country person. No one hates Somaliland. All Somalis wish it well and good luck. God bless Somalis. God bless Africa!

comment by reader Ahmed Somaliland citizens and leaders should also take a lesson from this: to not welcome every hungry vulture, who offers investment. The oil is there, we just have to be patient. Lets focus on education and teaching our community on the ground on civilized behavior when the interest of the nation is at stake. I was really shocked when i heard a sub sub tribe in Togdheer created trouble simply because they didn’t like how the company was operating. Now that incident will be repeated many times and operations will not even start if people are not educated on national interests vs. personal / tribal interests. Wa Billah Al Tawfiiq.

Comment by reader Mohamed Cheers “Bad news for the Somaliland Govt and Nation that the most hopeful prosective Hydrocarbon energy project contracted well planned agreement given to the Genel INC. which already began exploration has suddenly stopped all activities and pulling off abandoning Somaliland like certain Ausie Oil Cos did to Puntland earlier on? Such sudden ill-will could have no other real good explanation other than what the SL high ranking from the Presidency Office and another senior official said is quite the true scenario that the whole episode of the Genel pullout boils down to external political pressures. Where from these pressures that forced the Genel operations similiar to the pullout of the MSF should be carefully weighed and worked out by the Somaliland Govt and the Nation together. As so many bad rhings are happening across the Global fast World, the Somaliland should reamin cool and find out a way out of these strangulation dirty politics”

Comment by reader Mahmoud “Somaliland has the resources and this pullout, while on the face of it appears disappointing, could be a blessing in disguise in the long term when we will be in a stronger position to command better terms from outside investors. As stated before there are other perhaps more suitable business partners such as Russia, China and many from the bric countries. Somalilanders don’t loose heart because Allah knows best and this disappointment may indeed be a blessing”

Comments by reader Somalilander when the brutal dictator of Siyad Barre embarked on a violent campaign against the people of Somaliland, killing over 200,00 innocent children, woman and civilian. the entire population of the Somali people were silent… silence is complacency…. despite the atrocities committed, Somaliland rose from the ashes to rebuild its nation and emerge stronger than before. We are determine not to allow such massacre to happen again to our people. our people will never be victims in their own country and the dream of Somali unity is dead

Comments by reader Amino 200,000 people? I hear so many facts and figures. Siyaad Baare is dead love, he’s gone…dead and buried. Siyaad Baare did not only target the people of Somaliland, that’s a huge lie and you know it. Central Somalia (Galgaduud) and Puntland was ariel bombed too. I don’t see them crying for seccession? It was an awful tragedy and a dark time in Somali history. But leaving a union of two ethnicities because the mad Afweyne bombed his own people is ridiculous and slightly over dramatic. I would 100% support the people of Somaliland if he was still in power, but the fact is, he’s gone! When I was younger we were always told about stories about Xawoo Takoo and how she was killed trying to unite us Somalis, killed in front of her kids. What about the dervishes? Splitting now would do no justice to our history and founding principles of our nation brothers and sisters.The people of Somaliland are one of the most successful and intelligent people and you could teach us southerners a thing or two about democracy and how to govern. Please, disunity is not the only option. Let’s not do a huge disservice to the great Somalis who fought for us.Plus, isn’t the deputy prime minister/Foreign minister of Somalia from somaliland? I’m just so confused..

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