Somaliland: Readers Commentary on SL Scores Big Against Federal Government at Istanbul Talks Article


Somalilandsun: Donbir Ali, For the author and others who are not well versed with the history and geography of the former Somali Republic, I would say:

Puntland is a small region in Somalia previously known as Majertenia, it falls within the borders of Somalia (Somalia-Italiana). Therefore, it is represented by the Federal government of Somalia.

Legally Majertenia has the same status as Mudug, Hiiran, Banadir, Upper juba and Lower Juba regions of Somalia. The name Puntland as a region was created just over a decade ago, when Majertenia declared to become a new state within Somalia.

But Somaliland is different it is the mother nation of the former Somali Republic and is one of the two states (Somaliland and Somalia) that formed the Somali Republic in 1960.

The IC recommended a dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia on their future relations. This was based on the historic and geopolitical realities in the region, but not on wishful thinking as this author wrongfully claims. It is up to Somalia whether to stay together as one country or to break down into as many states as it wishes, but Somaliland will never be part of Somalia’s mess.

Air space issue is contiguous to the hearts of Somalilanders, but not as important as their sovereignty. The air space is now stealing the show and will replace the Somaliland sovereignty issue, that is at least what I expect Somalians will try to do. One easy way of satisfying the Turkish hosts for the talks not to completely fail would have been making arrangements for each country to manage its air space.

Now Somalia will make twists and turns and it will be very difficult to reach a satisfactory arrangements with them. All Somalia wants is to bring down Somaliland to their level of low standing in the eyes of the IC. They want us to look bad and paint us with their brush.

Gobaad A. Hassan • Community Program Coordinator at Canada

Unlike Somalis who thinks that they have a jurisdiction over Somaliland, Somaliland is not interested anything other than what is rightfully hers. And if Somalia think that they can easily trick Somaliland into another trap by suggesting that Somaliland to manage both countries Air Traffic. They are wrong.

Deciding to establish a joint control body that is based in Hargeisa to lead the air traffic control of both sides, management doesn’t mean surrendering a national asset to Somaliland. We didn’t ask for it. I don’t know what kind of gain you were expecting, but we didn’t want anything than our own air space.

Yusuf Abdalla • Shiikh bashiir

somaliland stand always to get recognition international and all world so it not difficult hear talk somaliland somalia.

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