Somaliland: Readers and Editorial Board Concerned with Cyber-bullying on this Site


By: Editor

Somalilandsun – As we at strive to provide our readers with factual, relevant and timely news about Somaliland, comments by some readers are becoming a major concern.

As most are aware the use of uncouth language by some readers forced the editorial board to change the commentary format thus entailing readers with comments to register.

But after a couple of months and upon urgings by many readers Somalilandsun reverted to the now in use free commentary system that is once again being used wrongly.

A number of readers mostly parents are now raising an outcry over this uncouth use of language for public consumption.

Below is a sample of the many communications we have received from concerned readers

Dear Yusuf, About somalilandsun

You have a really good website, and keep up the good work.

I am a concerned parent and I want to tell you that I have seen some cyber bullying on your website and please do something about it. The biggest bullies are Realist, Guest, and a punch of rude people like this Daud, but It was until yesterday until I saw this realist wrote something disturbing to Daud that he would hack into his computer if he says anything and where I come from, I find that as a threat. Please do something about this realist and this bunch of others, this cyber bullying has gotten out of hand. People are talking about tribes and that you are not patriotic and that you are not a Somalilander that is really immature acts.

Thank you very much for your time and please respond to me as soon as possible- Concerned parent

Cyberbullying on Somalilandsun

Dear Sir,

You have a good website, with an excellent service. There are is the person called realist sending threats to this Daud which I, as concerned parent find that very disturbing. Please stop this Cyber bullies and come up with a new rule. Please do something to realist, guest and all those rude people.

Thank you- Concerned parent

To this effect we urge our esteemed readers to rein their language and utilize the comments section in a honourable manner for the sole purpose that it the section exists, Intelligent and relevant discussions on Item subject