Somaliland: Read or Work without PLAY Makes Muhubo a Very Very Dull Girl


Just as good as menBy: Latifa Yusuf

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Although sports activities are an important part of life, girls in Somaliland continue to be spectators rather than participants.

While browsing our many websites I came across at a very beautiful picture of a Somali lady ball juggling with her feet that I thought our minister of youth and sports ought to see.

With the importance of sports being what it is not only for keeping healthy but income generation as well it beats all as to why Somaliland women continue to occupy their purportedly apt position as spectators in our stadia’s and playing fields.

Girls practice basketball at SOCSA HargeisaHon Ali Saeed Raygal, our very industrious youth and sports minister should act urgently to reverse this trend in order to remove the ordeal, Read, Work and no PLAY makes Muhubo a very very dull girl from our womenfolk.

Despite all this the passion is there

Maybe supporting the Ms Katra Khalil founded Somaliland Cultural and sports Association-SOCSA might be a good jump-start considering that it is the only organization currently offering women-exclusive sporting facilities anywhere in Somaliland

While in Hargeisa and to watch the spectacle of abundant women sports talent in our country trying visiting the SOCSA playgrounds situated next to the 26th June Secondary school which is behind the Hargeisa group Hospital.

For details on SOCSA visit

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