Somaliland: Ranks Awarded as Armed Forces Commemorate 19th Anniversary


A new dawn for the security personnel as ranks are issued and operational command enhanced

Service commanders display their stars studded Epaulettes

By: M.A.Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – In their 19th year The Armed Forces have continued a relentless growth in power and stature.

The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud has established the long awaited ranking system in the security service in the country at practically a double festivity celebration.

The Head of State put the lapels on the shoulders of top military, police and prison commanders on the occasion of celebrating the 19th Armed Forces annual festivals since its inauguration on the 2nd February 1994.

It was indeed an overwhelming happy moment for the nation and the security arms of the country which was best described by the President himself.

“I am extremely happy to preside in such an occasion (of establishment of ranks in forces hierarchy) during my administration”.

The President reminded the audience that it was part and parcel of his pledge during the Presidential election campaigns that has been realized.

Coast Guard Commander Ahmed isman displays his Brigadier starsHe thanked all who were concern in the preparations and in the same breath paid tribute to the national security forces for the consistent vigilance in keeping peace and security for stability in the country.

The Defence Minister gave a lengthy speech that elaborated on the essence, need and the important significance of having the security service and its systems in a country.

Fresh from being made a Major General, Cmdr. Ismail Mohammed Osman, the Chief army commander spoke of the development steps taken by the armed forces in the past year.

Apart from Major Gen. Ismail, other commanders newly merited hence made brigadier generals are:-

National Police Commander Abdilahi Fadal Iman,Gen Shakale receives his rank from President Silanyo

National Prisons Commander Mohammed Hassan,

Army Commander Abdilahi Mohamed

Coast Guard Commander Ahmed Isman

Deputy Army Commander Ahmed Yusuf Awale.

A total of 12 commanders were given the new ranks of colonels and above.

A day earlier the head of state through a presidential decree strengthened the operational capabilities of

the Prisons Service, Military and Police forces after he created posts of armed forces assistant operation commanders and appointed

1. Ahmed Awale Yusuf ‘Libah’, to the post of Armed forces assistant operations commander.

2. Dahir Ali Weis, to the post of Police force assistan

t operations commander.

3. Ali Omar Ahmed, to the post of Custodial corps assistant operations commander and advisor to the minister of justice

These appointments which took effect immediately facilitated ranking awards to the appointees.

Service men and women follow proceedings in anticipation of their forthcoming rankings