Somaliland: Radio Hargeisa Worldwide Transmission Updates


left-Don reports absence of transmissions which Suleiman (R) attributesd to testing phase outBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Radio Hargeisa transmissions have not been noted internationally for almost a week.

According to Mr. Don Jensen who is a professional Ham radio buff ,Radio Hargeisa hasn’t been noted anywhere, not in New Zealand, India, Japan, Europe in about a week now despite use of various advanced radio

Mr. Don Jensen a retired American journalist further revealed that the station, which had earlier on been noted in Japan, India and Europe, were yet to be received in the US before they completely went off air.

Mr. Jensen who has continuously kept Somalilandsun abreast on worldwide transmissions of Radio Hargeisa via email messages surmised the following:

Quote “I suspect that Mr. Suleiman (technical Director) may be taking steps to find a better 41 meter band frequency, outside the amateur radio (ham radio) band. This would presumably put it somewhere higher than 7,200 kilohertz. Nevertheless, he does have a practical dilemma.

Both Ethiopia and Eritrea have been chasing each other around and around on

Many frequencies, most with Eritrea’s Voice of the Broad Masses two channels

Being chased from frequency to frequency by Ethiopian jamming transmitters.

An Ethiopia itself, the broadcasting station, not jammers, changes frequency a lot as well.

The other day, Ethiopia was on 7,120 kHz, the same frequency that Radio Hargeisa had been using. So trying to avoid these stations that jump from frequency to frequency, sometimes on a daily basis, it a difficult task. I suspect that the one-time RH frequency from a few years ago, 7,530 kHz might be a better choice. End Quote)

The technical director of the ministry of information Mr. Ahmed Suleiman who concurred with Mr. Jensen attributed the absence of transmissions to ongoing plans that involved moving from the testing phase to a full operational one

“The transmissions have been ceased temporarily thus facilitate shifting from the testing face to full operations” Said Mr. Suleiman

While commending Mr. Don Jensen for continued information pertaining to the Transmissions the Technical director said that all broadcasts from Radio Hargeisa would be on air again worldwide as from next week.

During the test period Listeners in Japan, India and Europe could hear Radio Hargeisa on a frequency of 7,120 kHz, with generally good signals For tests noted at various times between 1500 UTC (universal time) and 1900 UTC hours (6 to 10 pm Somaliland time)

The successful worldwide reception of Radio Hargeisa is possible courtesy of a recently installed 100Kw Transmitter and related antennae’s by Chinese and local engineers following the purchase of the transmitter from a Chinese company early this year.

The enhancement of RH broadcasts that were formerly available within a radius of 20 sq. miles of Hargeisa was one of the already fulfilled pledges made by President Silanyo and his ruling Kulmiye party during the 2010 presidential election campaigns.