Somaliland: Radio Hargeisa Transmission Received in USA


Don Jensen receives RH in the USABy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The resumed Radio Hargeisa transmission are now audible in the USA

This is per Mr. Don Jensen who informed that he has superb reception on 7120 kHz in his hometown city of Wisconsin while a friend Ron Howard in California also had rather good reception , at 1430 UTC, or 5:30 p.m. Somaliland time

Mr. Don Jensen a retired American journalist who has continuously updated the Somalilandsun on Radio Hargeisa Worldwide reception, reveals that USA reception is via the remote Dutch receiver.

According to Don who is a professional Ham radio buff, the signal as reported earlier is also superb in Japan, India and Netherlands at the 7,120 kHz frequency, said he, “the signal in these countries is available to me through the remote Dutch receiver.

The enhanced transmission that have made it possible for Radio Hargeisa broadcasts to be received worldwide is as a result of the installation of a newly acquired 100Kw Radio Transmitter.

The Update from Don Jensen read:

Hello Yusuf

Just a quick note to inform you that via the remote Dutch receiver, I currently have good reception. This as 1647 UTC, or 7:47 p.m. Somaliland time.

Perhaps more interesting, a friend of mind, Ron Howard in California also had rather good reception earlier today, at 1430 UTC, or 5:30 p.m. Somaliland time. This may be

the first time this signal has made it to the US since the new transmitter has been on the air.

Because of the time difference between here in the north central US and California, I have not yet managed to hear Radio Hargeisa. Too much daylight still over the signal path for central or east coast USA at the 1400 UTC hour. Our winter months may be better at that hour in my part of the US.

Still, for us in the central and eastern US, the best opportunity would be your morning hours, say 0300-0400 UTC,equivalent to 6 to 7 a.m. Somaliland time. Good wishes to Technical director Mr. Suleiman and his staff for a good job.

Don Jensen

Brief biography: Don Jensen.

worked as a newspaper journalist for 34 years. Before that, worked in both Television, briefly, and FM radio for several years. He has continued as an occasional freelancer

In radio news after my retirement from the newspaper.

He has been an enthusiastic shortwave listener since I was 11 years old. As a freelance writer, even during my newspaper career,

He edited national radio magazines, wrote regular monthly columns about shortwave radio, and was the founder and first and executive director of a national organization of shortwave listeners, the Association of North American Radio Clubs (ANARC).

As well as a contributor to programs for Radio Canada International and Swiss Radio – both radio services that have since left the air.

I am married, with two grown sons. I live in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a city of 100,000, located on the west shore of Lake Michigan about 60 miles north of Chicago.