Somaliland: Radical Change of Foreign Policy was long Time Overdue, Brilliant Steps undertaken lately Encouraging

The Brilliant Steps Somaliland has undertaken lately are Encouraging

Somalilandsun: First of all the Republic of Somaliland has to stop the meaningless contacts with the dysfunctional entity in Mogadishu.

Somaliland should never waste any more time on such a dysfunctional entity that failed to become anything for 30 years. Somaliland has been a pecan of peace and stability in the troubled Horn of Africa, the Middle East and especially the Arabian peninsula, an area under multiple attacks ranging from what is called terrorism, illegal migration, illicit trade, money laundering and political instability emanated from corrupt dictators and dysfunctional state.

Somaliland is hemmed from the west, south west and south by corrupt and dysfunctional dictatorships. Somaliland is a defacto independence state that regained its lost independence in 1991 has been doing the right thing for almost thirty years but to no avail. The Republic of Somaliland has tremendously contributed to the peace and stability of our troubled neighbors.

Somaliland went through all the rituals, hops, and conditions for becoming a sovereign state according to the so-called Montevideo agreement of 1933. Somaliland has conducted about 4 presidential elections which mean four peaceful transfers of power, two municipal and parliamentary elections and still to no avail.

Somaliland has a number of fake friends that failed to recognize its independence despite the tremendous help they are getting from Somaliland.  Somaliland has been too nice and did not play a hard ball and the politics of brinkmanship except recently when the President his Excellency Musa Bihi Abdi went to a state visit to the Republic of Guinea.

In addition to that Somaliland also has cultivated some friends in the Gambian parliament and forced a debate about Somaliland recognition has happened in the Gambian parliament. Moreover, there are a number of other important connections that was made with other countries outside Somaliland’s fake friend’s camp including the Republic of Congo.

The time to break out of the useless and corrupt camp of fake friends has arrived. Many of us here in the Diaspora are glad for the fact that the Republic of Somaliland has finally taken an aggressive approach to get international recognition. The news that Somaliland established diplomatic relations with Taiwan and the two countries are exchanging ambassadors is a concrete epitome of Somaliland’s new aggressive foreign policy. Somaliland is a fiercely independent state that did not take orders from entity however power they are. I commend the government of Somaliland to reject the communist Chinese demand to sever diplomatic relationship with Taiwan. Somaliland’s new approach to its foreign policy has gained international attention and at the same time raffled so many feathers. Moreover, I am urging Somaliland government to send high level government delegations to Russia, North Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia Cuba, Israel, South America and any wherever they think can serve its interest.

The author Prof. Suleiman Egeh is a freelance writer, political analyst and a senior science instructor