Somaliland: Qatari Multi-purpose Complex Inaugurated


Section of the Qatari funded multi-purpose complexBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A multi-purpose complex funded by the Sheikh Thani bin Abdilahi Foundation for Humanitarian Services of Qatar has been inaugurated in Hargeisa.

To officially commission the complex worth $70,000 was a visiting delegation from the sheikh Thani foundation with the assistance of the planning, religious endowment and family affairs ministers respectively and the Hargeisa Mayor.

The conference has attracted the attention of Somali people inside the country (file photo). The sprawling QQatari officials, Religion and Family affairs ministers at the opening ceremony in hargeisaatari funded infrastructure which is based at the city’s Guryosamo estate in Mahmud Haybe district is composed of a university, a skills training centre and mosque among others and implemented by Manhal organization.

After the facilities tape cutting the Sheikh Thani bin Abdilahi Foundation for Humanitarian Services representatives said that the skills training centre is intended on promoting domestic livelihoods thus train women on relevant skills.

They also informed that as part of their Foundation’s Humanitarian Services other projects will be added to the ones already on-going in variousPresident Silanyo receives the Qatari delegation parts of the country.

The ministers of planning, religious endowment and family affairs respectively as well as the Hargeisa mayor all thanked Qataris for the continued support the country is availed.

The Qatari delegation which arrived a day earlier has already paid its compliments to the head of state H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo at the Hargeisa presidency where they were chaperoned by the minister of aviation.