Somaliland: Puntlandsun Welcome and on Alleged Radicals’ Infested Government , IC Please SHUT UP!!!!


President of Somaliland Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo 3rd L is met by Ethiopian officials while  on transit in Addis Ababa on 13th July 2014

By: Yusuf M Hasan
ADDIS ABABA (Somalilandsun) – The president of Somaliland watched the world cup 2014 finals between Germany and Argentina in the Ethiopian Capital Addis Ababa.

The current location of the head of state is contrary to reports by our colleagues who reported that president Silanyo cannot travel outside Somaliland because the Ethiopians have denied him an entry visa.
While welcoming our Puntland namesake online we also urge journalistic ethics and professionalism since the report on visa denial was erroneous as current location of the Somaliland head of state proves.
The Somaliland presidential team which shall meet and hold bi-lateral discussions with Ethiopian government officials in Addis Ababa is composed of 1st lady Amina Mohamed Jirde ‘Amina Weris’, Foreign Minister Mohamed Behi Yonis, Education minister Zamzam Abdi Aden and the president’s private secretary among others.
President Silanyo and his entourage are travelling to the UK where the head of state is to undergo medical checks and later on undertake official functions.

Ethiopian Protocal officers with boguetts for the somaliland 1st Lady Amina weris
Just like any other person president Silanyo is a human being who needs regular medical checkups to stay healthy thence the ongoing trip to the UK should not elicit regular comments as per his, Silanyo, inability to govern.
Somalilanders shall accept the premise that Silanyo is unfit for leadership on health grounds only if his doctors say so or those inferring so prove to us that they regular don’t seek or never sought medical attention in their lives.
Meanwhile we are tired of continued inferences that there are senior member in the Somaliland government with links to radical Islamic groups.
So if anybody or agency including the CIA has any proof of the alleged Islamic radicals in our government give the world the proof or for once SHUT UP!
By the way how many members of the US government, Senate or House of representatives have links with world radical Jewish movements that are responsible for the continued annihilation of Palestinians not to mention that the Israeli government is fully sponsored by the US with cash and military ordinance among them the jets that creating havoc in Gaza now.

Happy bush then coomander of IC on the hanging of sadam
Back to the alleged Somaliland ministers with radical links, those trumpeting the ill conceived principle are very succinct on government’s terrorist links but fail to be concise on what is radicalism not to mention s that somalilanders are 99.9% Muslims thence radicalism and at that Islamic is prevalent in a fair portion including at all levels and within all walks of life, just as in the US, Germany, UK, France etc where Christian, Ultra Conservatives and skin head radicals prevail at all levels.
Will somebody remind us what Le Pen in France, KuKluxKlan in the US, Freemasons at the Vatican and the IRA in the UK stand for?

in its love hate relationship with Iran the IC is in love with Ayatollah Khamenei L while his mentor Ayatollah Khomeini R was a villain
and the subject will somebody especially the So called International Community –IC which as we are aware excludes the so called third world (Poor) tell us who created Al-Qaida, ISIL and Al-Shabaab? to mention a few
We believe that Al-Qaeda was created under funding supplied to late Osama bin Laden by Washington in the so called fight against Russian occupation of Afghanistan in the 80’s not to mention that the creator, Washington, later murdered him, Osama
What of ISIL now carving a caliphate in the middle east, wasn’t it trained in Turkey under funding again from DC for purposes of countering Basher of Syria since the rebels again funded from the good ole IC capitals was deemed a failure.
Common to the early eighties and the war between Iraq and Iran, who funded Saddam for purposes of putting a halt to the then purported radicalism of Ayatollah Ruhullah Khomeini of Iran, the same Iran they, those who equipped Sadam Hussein and then hanged him unceremoniously for possessing the same weapons supplied him are now in cahoots with, Tehran, to counter the same ISIL they created.
All this is IC Hogwash and neo-colonialism which created the ongoing mayhem in Libya after fronting the barbaric assassination of Gaddafi not to mention facilitating the same mayhem prevailing today in Egypt.

So called IC facilitated the assasination of Gadafi Sadam hanging and murder of Bin laden
To this purported IC policeman of the world we say Somalilanders are busy building their country which helped destroy through funding to Siad Barre and while we have forgiven the same we have not forgotten.
As for your never coming recognition of Somaliland well you forget that the champion of the oppressed VLADIMIR PUTIN of Russia is around and soon rather than later Russian submarines might be based in Berbera as before.
So IC and YOUR CAHOOTS prove the alleged Radicalism in our GOVERNMENT or for God’s sake SHUT UP!!
As for the medical checks Silanyo will continue pursuing as regularly as his doctors advise while maintaining his radicalized government that is busily engaged in nation building without IC funding thence solely relying on the meager revenue accrued from citizens and most importantly Khat imports from Ethiopia.
And before we forget the laughable IC innuendoes terming the Somaliland army presence in Taleeh as an invasion and subsequent occupation Get serious and tell us what?
• Britain is doing in Northern Ireland and Falkland Islands
• Israel in Gaza
• US in Afghanistan, Korea, Japan, Libya, Somalia, Uganda, Djibouti oh just a few

Thence if the Somaliland government is infested by Radical Islamist purported for theire is no proof then the IC Government’s are contaminated by Neo-colonists and plagued by murderers at that and with proof

Vladimir Putin the Russian bear and defender of the IC opressed

As for RECOGNITION Somalilanders did that to themselves 23 years ago and as of now Good riddance the West and Welcome BRICKS and the Putin the Russian bear