Somaliland: “Puntland Should Respect International Boundaries” Urges Ugaaska Dir


Abdiweli Gas of Puntland should Repect international bounderies

Somalilandsun- Puntland an autonomous region of Somalia should not forget the mighty armed forces of Siad Barre utilizing deadly firepower from the ground, air and sea was unable to subdue citizens of Somaliland be they from the Isaaq,Samaron, Isse or Darood clans.
This is per comments made to our story titled Somaliland Army Flexes Muscles Few Kilometers Shy of Garowe by a reader using the pen name Ugaaska DIR tribe thus urging Puntland to respect international borders which divide Ex-Italian Somali to Ex-British Somaliland. Read the comments below

Ugaaska DIR tribe 2015-05-06 23:01
First of all we DIR tribes population living in South Somalia and Ethiopia’s Somali region. We are sending our congratualation to people who we share blood relationship of Noble Isaaq, Samaroon and Issas, who are majority of citizens of Republic of Somaliland for their day of independence. Secondly, though I am Ugaas of one broad tribe of Somalia:
I am not using insults and profanity as many young people on above comments.
I would send my elder advice to people of Puntaland who are also children of our daughter DOONBIRE to respect international borders which divide Ex-Italian Somal to Ex-British Somaliland.They have to realize that nobody can hide rising sun.

Abdiweli Gas of Puntland

The tanks,airplans with so called Somali National army of criminal dictator Siad Barre and millions of armed merceneries of so called refugees were not succesful to stop SNM to defend to libarate their country, while SNM was so poor economical and armed with AK rifles. Today, while their are an established government with powerful army. It is unwise for Puntland to chellenge them. The ethnic tribal based policy to claim land by race and ethnicity was main factory that defeated Siad Barre’s claim for parts of Ethiopia, Kenya and ownership of whole Republic of D’Jabuti.
We are advising both Somaliland Republic and autonomous regional administration of Puntaland to live coexist together as
Muslim people. And Puntland to stop their impossible claims to territorie which are part of Somaliland. Because it is against international law that never recognize land to be divide in tribal bases. Even Puntland has no military power to make possible this arrogances.
And even no ablity to put into practice this crazy illusions, that seems they inhirted from Siad Barre who used to claim parts of neighboring countries.
We pray peace of both Somaliland Republic and regional state of Puntaland