Somaliland: “Puntland Shall Regret and Solely Bear Consequences of any Incursions -Hagaltosie


Dr Hagletosiye

As the youthful Somaliland health minister reminds president Gaas that Garowe and Bossaso are only 5 & 15 kms respectively from Somaliland while daring any Puntland official to visit Buhodle

By: Yusuf Hasan

ERIGAVO (Somalilandsun) – The Somalia administrative region of Puntland shall solely be responsible for Recursions resulting from any incursions into Somaliland territory.

This warning directed to new Puntland president Abdiweli Gaas was issued the Somaliland minister of Health Dr Suleiman Isse Ahmed Hagaltosie in Erigavo town where he also dared any official from the enclave to visit Buhodle district.

Dr Hagaltosie who was reacting to promises by Abdiweli Gaas to fulfill his presidential campaign pledge to annex Darood clans inhabited parts of eastern Somaliland regions of Sool and Sanaag to his Puntland enclave said that such acts will result in severe repercussions solely the responsibility of Gaas.

“Conflict is not worthwhile considering that the distance from Somaliland borders with Puntland’s capital Garowe and Bossaso port is 5 &15 kms respectively, war which is inevitable if Somaliland’s territorial integrity is impinged upon” warned Hagaltosie.

Abdiweli Gaas who defeated former strongman Abdirahman Farole in the presidential selection by selected legislators seems to have not only inherited the Garowe presidency but anti Somaliland wants from Farole.

Informing that the era of tribalism is long gone thence jurisdiction based on internationally recognized boundaries Hagaltosie who urged Abdiweli Gaas to desist from his warmongering said time for empty rhetoric detrimental to development of livelihoods is unwanted goaded action which he promise will result in Somaliland boots trampling over Garowe and Bossaso.

Telling Gaas not to construe Somaliland silence as fear the Health minister Said “Rather than continued talk make a slight move inside our country and see who drinks tea in Garowe a few hours later”

After venting his anger on Abdiweli Gaas Hagaltosie turned attention to the much touted planned visit to Buhodle by the deputy president of Puntland Abdikarim Haji Amay.

Amay who though hailing from Sool region in Somaliland has recanted his allegiance to his homeland and sold it to Puntland in a bid to enhance the rhetoric by his Boss Abdiweli Gaas.

For the past week reports emanating from Garowe indicate that Amay is to visit Buhodle soon where his purported large and powerful government delegation is expected to initiate various development projects.

“Though Amay is originally from Buhodle his association with Puntland makes him a traitor and while urging him to stick with Garowe I warn him that his purported development visit shall not end well”

Urging the International Community to offer advice to those spewing venom to desist from warmongering Dr Suleiman Isse Ahmed ‘Hagaltosie’ said the silence by the IC bodes ill to its efforts of stabilizing the turbulent Horn of Africa region.

“The IC should restrain those trumpeting intent to infringe on neighbours territorial jurisdiction as resultant fallout shall negate prevalent or enhancement of prevailing peace” said the Somaliland Health minister.

Stressed he, “Some quarters are misconstruing the IC silence as approval of their destructive designs towards the sovereignty of Somaliland and if unchecked might ensue with actions that will not only exacerbate turbulence in the Horn but negatively impact the IC too”

Dr Hagaltosie who returned last week from an official working visit to Finland and immediately left for his first tour of his Sool regional capital Las Anod before proceeding neighboring Sanaag region where he received a tumulus welcome from Erigavo residents.

Hagaltosie who is the immediate former commander of the Sool Sanaag and Cayn (Ain) –SSC militia and the senior most government minister from Sool region joined the Somaliland Government last year following a reconciliation arrangement with Somaliland president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo and subsequent signing of the Buhodle peace accord.

The peace accord which entailed disarming the SSC, integrating its militias in the various branches of armed forces and appointment of Sool residents to Senior government positions among others is accredited with returning normalcy to the region and cessation of armed conflict that had seen lots of bloodshed spewed.