Somaliland: Puntland Rumours of War Results in Massive Deployment


Sufficient firepower deployed in Badan to deter any incursions into Somaliland by Puntland

By: Yusuf M Hasan

BADAN (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland Armed Forces have established a land based beachhead outside Badan District in Sanaag Region.

The heavily armed deployment of specialized battalions has been spearheaded by the Somaliland minister of defence Abdilahi Haji Adami who has been constantly in the country’s eastern most regions for the past couple of months.

The build-up in Sanaag region which comes in the heels of similar ones in Sool region is as a deterrence to the now intention of visiting Badan by President Abdiweli Gaas of the Somalia Administrative region of Puntland.

Akin wants to visit Buhodle by the deputy Puntland president Abdikarim Haji Amay were deterred by the deployed of armored and commando units by the Somaliland army within striking distance of Garowe and Bossaso thence his, Amay, never fulfilled mission if visiting Buhodle thence ferment trouble.

As late as this week during a visit to Jigjiga Ethiopia, Gaas whose presidential campaign pledge was to annex parts of Somaliland inhabited by his Darood clansmen told the Zone Five president of Ethiopia that his next move is visiting Badan and establishing his administratio0n there.

According to military sources the aim of the deployment is not to exactly deter incursions by Puntland forces but to actually effect the capture of Abdiweli Gaas and members of his entourage for prosecution in Hargeisa.

Other reports indicate that a high level Puntland government team dispatched by Gaas to make arrangements for his visit left the town in a hurry prior to establishment of the army’s dry land beachhead in the outskirts of Badan

For sometime RUMOURS OF WAR from Puntland facilitated by loud drumbeats from Garowe by Gaas have been left to fallow by the Hargeisa government until warnings issued by two senior officials in the names of Dr Hagaltosie the minister of Health and UCID opposition party chair Eng Feisal Warabe.

Dr Hagaltosie and Eng Feisal Ali issued stern warnings to Puntland officials

While reiterating his aggression to Somaliland during his visit to Jigjiga the capital of Ethiopia’s Somalia Zone five regions The president of Somali autonomous region of Puntland Mr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas said that the constitution of Puntland stipulates that Sool, Sanaag and Cayn are part and Parcel of Puntland territory especially parts inhabited by his Darood clansmen.

On the other hand, Mr. Gaas speaking to VOA Somali Services on Tuesday night refuted reports that he discussed with Ethiopian Federal Government officials with Sool region in which is part and parcel of the territory of the republic of Somaliland.

In contradiction to his campaign pledge of forcefully annexing the areas Gaas that the return of Sool region is a matter for will and the wish of the people in the region and he decision of his government and added that it has nothing to do with Ethiopia being consulted what moves to take.

The ball is now squarley in the court of President Gaas and Deputy Amay of PuntlandWell now that the Abdiweli Gaas verbosity of War has been called to bluff, what is his next drumbeat going to sound like following the dare for him or his deputy to visit either Buhodle or Badan?

The intensified verbosity pertaining to designs o=n Somaliland territory thence create disharmony as prelude to negating the international repute of Somaliland, whose sovereignty is yet to be recognized, as a haven of peace, Gaas dilemma is directly related to his predecessors brainchild of Khatumo state to have been hived off parts of Somaliland.

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