Somaliland: Puntland Militias Kill Pastoralists


Though Taleeh is home to historic sites Puntland based militias continue to rain havocBy: Yusuf M Hasan

TALEEH (Somalilandsun) – Puntland Militias have attacked residents of Taleeh district in Sool region.

The unprovoked attacked resulted in the deaths of two pastoralists and injuries to many others as reported by which informed that the death and injuries occurred following an ambush by heavily armed militias from Puntland.

Eye witnesses indicate that the heinous crime was perpetrated on the victims as they innocently engaged in their daily activities of tending to their livestock.

In the recent past armed thugs under the pay of Farole, the president of Puntland are known to have infiltrated Taleeh district following the ouster from parts of Eastern Sanaag by the Somaliland National Army.

Puntland which is a tribal administrative region in Somalia has persistently undertaken activities in areas under the territorial jurisdiction Somaliland perceived as cheap political mechanisms that are geared towards undermining the authority of this country as a prelude to fermenting rebellion.

Other reasons discerned as behind the never ending acrimonies from Puntland relate to that tribal enclaves further desire to undermine Somaliland’s world acclaimed reality of the yet to be recognized country as a haven of peaceful co-existence and security in the horn region which is one of the most volatile areas on earth.

The Sool Regional government in Las Anod and the central authorities in Hargeisa are yet to comment on the incident