Somaliland: Puntland Flops Assassination Attempt on Minister


Hon A M Hasan raises the Somaliland flag upon arrival in Las QorayBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The territorial expansion sickness permeating from Puntland has taken a new and deadly dimension after Garowe attempts to assassinate a government official in a bid to revert the now overt allegiance of area Residents in Las qoray and Badan districts where the Somaliland Flag is planted in almost every building.

In the early hours of Saturday the Somaliland deputy minister of Energy, Water and Minerals Resources Hon Abdisalan Mohamed Hasan escaped an assassination attempt carried out by an antiterrorist unit from Puntland in Las Qoray port town where the official is leading a government development inspection development.

The minister is currently safely ensconced in the Sanaag regional capital of Erigavo where security officials rushed him and his entourage following the attempt that was affected by the rogue unit from Puntland which is normally based in Eelayo village, 60 kms east of Las qoray the furthermost port town of Somaliland.

Hon Abdisalan M Hasan who thanked all the Residents of Badan and Las Qoray for their warm welcome told Somalilandsun that failure of the assassination is largely due to the loyalty of residents whom he owes his life to, for having revealed the plot to security officials.

According to the minister’s security detail from the crack RRU, the rogue unit from Puntland entered the town around midnight after which local security personnel engaged them in deadly combat in the then empty and silent streets of the port town.

“We managed to foil the attempt and repulse the estimated full company strength troops from Puntland as we were prepared following information by residents whose support and cooperation the attacking forces had sought and relied on” said Major Mohamed Salah Tusbahle who is commander of the national army base in the town.

While informing that none of his troops were injured or killed during the one hour long street to street armed engagement Major Tusbahle who could not verify on injuries if any sustained by the attackers, said that he could only confirm of on the death of eight attackers whose corpse were found in the morning and buried.

Hadaftimo raises the SL flag during minister's visitThe deputy minister who has been conducting an assessment of development needs had prior to the failed attempt on his life, visited several public infrastructures in both Las qoray and Badan districts of Eastern Sanaag region where he was given a detailed brief by heads of the institutions in the respective districts.

Following his welcome by flag waving residents The minister’s itinerary in Las Qoray saw him inspect the road connecting Las qoray and Baran district, District hospital, Central police station, local government offices, and the SAFKO fishers association where respective officials briefed on prevalent status of the institutions and pressing needs before addressing the multitude of residents at a primary school situated in the Centre of the port city.

Before travelling to Las Qoray the government delegation visited Baran district where it was similarly welcomed and hosted by residents and leaders of Hagaftimo town where The deputy minister conducted various inspection tours in places like Schools, Water Borehole, Hagaftimo women’s group, local government and security offices where he was briefed on status and needs.

During his address in the two districts where he thanked the residents for their hospitality and continued peaceful co-existence the deputy minister said that their need for public services such as education, health, roads etc. shall be a thing of the past once he returns to the capital Hargeisa.

Said he, “I solemnly promise you that your cries shall reach the highest office in the land where subsequent response is anticipated.

The assassination attempt comes as no surprise considering that Hon Abdisalan Mohamed Hasan is the senior most official from the Somaliland government to undertake a working tour of the Eastern Sanaag districts of Badan and Las Qoray since area residents made a pledge of allegiance to the republic of Somaliland after recanting their support of Puntland last year.

This about-turn that ensued with area leaders and intellectuals entering a pact with president Silanyo at a reconciliation meeting in Hargeisa, saw clan militias aligned to Puntland lay down their arms after the national army ejected their paymaster from the major towns of eastern Sanaag.

Successive regimes from the Somalia administrative region of Puntland have over the year’s fomented trouble and disharmony in Eastern parts of Sanaag and Sool regions, areas the administration in Garowe claims.

No official comment has been made by either the regional or central Government s in Erigavo and Hargeisa on the attempted assassination and incursion by armed foreign troops into areas within the territorial boundaries of the republic Somaliland.