Somaliland: Public Servant Hell-bent on Tourism Destruction


Tourist Shane Dallas practicing to be a money changer in Hargeisa Somaliland

By: Editor
Somalilandsun – The hospitality bestowed on me by the Somaliland people was extraordinary. and The comments I received from the Somaliland Diaspora scattered across the world who read my blogs and social media has been inspiring.
I have since delivered positive tales about the people, history and attractions of Somaliland in presentations across the world. I
Writes tourist Shane Dallas of his visit to Somaliland a country he strongly encourages anyone with even the slightest measure of adventure resting within their body to see for themselves and personally experience one of the friendliest and safest nations on earth.
Despite this, the perpetual travel found himself in a very inconvenient situation due to a person who strove to make his time in their country a difficult one – and surprisingly he worked for the Ministry of Tourism.
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