Somaliland: Prof. Samatar: “Grievances should only be resolved through a democratic manner, as War the ultimate solution”


Prof Ahmed Ismail Samatar

• ‘Nothing can prevent Awdal Community to stand again for the country’s leadership and democratically vote for change, if….’ Prof. Samatar
• Prof. Samatar’s warning: ‘You won’t easily restore harmony again, if its destroyed’

By: Mahmoud H. Qodah
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Prof. Ahmed Ismail Samater speaking to KALSAN TV stated that the so-called Sultan who went out to the bush with the gunmen didn’t have any consultations with his people and his action is disgrace to the dignity of the people of Awdal and Somaliland as well.
The Professor emphasizing the need of resolving things through a democratic process has noted, “The Somaliland people opted a democratic system of governance, and as such complaints are needed to be solved through a democratic process only, thus I am here pointing out that taking military as an option can’t become a rational and reasonable at this time. There are no reasons to prefer such routes, as the gun is the ultimate option for resolving things.”
Professor Ismail Samatar expressing his opinion about the Sultan who called up for fight against Silanyo led administration stated that there are nothing that can prevent Awdal Community to stand again for the country’s leadership and democratically vote for change if their grievances are not responded.
“I always enlighten to the people of the western regions of the country to fight and run for contributing to the development of the country only, and nothing else. The Sultan who out and calls for war didn’t consult with his people, and his action is a mistake, and can’t be accepted.”
“If there are grievances, things can only be resolved through a democratic process. They should put forward their complaints and democratically debate with the president, as Somaliland is democratic state. Nothing can be achieved through fighting. War can’t bring the solutions, as it won’t be beneficial to anyone.”
In his remarks, the Professor eventually warned the people that it will take a longer journey for them to reconstruct and restore their harmony than expected if they easily start destroying their hard-won peace and stability.
About Professor Ahmed I. Samatar:
Ahmed Ismail Samatar is a prominent Somali writer, professor and former dean of the Institute for Global Citizenship at Macalester College. He is the editor of Bildhaan: An International Journal of Somali Studies, and brother of Abdi Ismail Samatar, chair of the geography department at the University of Minnesota.
Samatar has lectured at many universities and colleges, including Cornell, Harvard, Iowa, London School of Economics and Political Science, Somali National University, Toronto University, University of Amsterdam, York University, University of Otago,University of Hargeisa and Wellesley College. His expertise is in the areas of global political economy, political and social thought, and Somali affairs. He is the author/editor of five books and over thirty articles.
Additionally, Samatar is the founding editor-in-chief of Bildhaan, one of the international journals of Somali Studies. He is also the editor of eighteen volumes of Macalester International, a publication of undergraduate education and internationalism.
Mahmoud H. Qodah