Somaliland: Prof Geedole hasn’t been Injured-official


Aide says the Somaliland Agriculture minister L not among those whose relatives were keeping vigil for at the Gabile hospital

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun – An agricultural ministry official has denied reports that alleged that Hon. Farah Elmi Geedole was ambushed by the Friday rampaging rioters in the chaotic and violent Gebiley demonstration and that he was injured.

The Ministry’s spokesman Mr. Sa’ad Muse Abdi stated that the reports which were widely circulated in various internet blogs were flimsy lies and had no grounds at all.
He said that the minister himself vouched for the facts to him and refuted the allegations that he was manhandled by rioters.
“The minister who was headed for Borama was only caught up in the incident by co-incidence”, said Mr. Sa’ad.
He continued, “The riots only happened to be on by the time he reached the town as he was headed for Borama”.
He said that he was not manhandled nor hurt at all by the rioting residents and that the damages that reached his vehicle were negligible.
The spokesman stated that the minister reached his destination safely and soundly.