Somaliland: “Prof Galayd is a Politically Spent Entity” state official


While elder Indoindo warns the Somalia legislator and Khatumoist secessionist leader of dire consequences

Warlord Galayd at the Khatumo presidency somewhere in the Somaliland wilderness

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – The government of Somaliland is concerned and tired of the nefarious activities being undertaken by Prof Ali Khalif Galayd in some eastern parts of the country.

According to the deputy interior minister in-charge of security Mohamed Muse Diriye the Somalia legislator who purports to leadership of an alleged Khatumo state is nothing but a politically spent force only with intent of disturbing peaceful co-existence among communities in Somaliland.

The security minister stated this during an interview with Geeska Afrika in Hargeisa where he also accused the professor of failed attempts to incite residents of Buhoodle district and the wider Sool region to an uprising against the Government of Somaliland.

&Galayd should take cue from the fact that he lacks any political standing in Somaliland as proven by his failure to settle anywhere courtesy of regular ejections by residents& said minister Mohamed.

The security chief who also revealed about increasing incidents of discontent among residents Somaliland deputy interior minister Mohamed Museof eastern Sanaag region also laid blame on Prof Galayd an American citizen who aspires to creation of a Khatumo State that is presumably to be curved out of areas in eastern Somaliland and joined to the federal government of Somalia.

“After several positions in Somalia including prime minister and a failed bid for the presidency in Mogadishu it is time for Prof Galayd to retire to a cosy life in his US home under funding from the millions of dollars he has stolen from his long suffering people” said the Somaliland deputy security minister Mohamed Muse Diriye while pledging that non-conformity shall see sooner rather than later authorities in Hargeisa discard the white gloves policy utilized in the politically dead Professor.

Elder Indo Indo At the same time a member of Guurti the Somaliland upper chamber of parliament elder Indo Indo also laid blame of recent incidents of insecurity in eastern Somaliland regions on the warlord american citizen.

“Prof Galayd who is a politician with over four decades of experience should have realized by now that residents of Sool region are tired of perpetual rebellion” said the elder in Hargeisa while warning that area residents shall now take the task of teaching the prof a lesson never to be forgotten.

Prof Ali Khalif Galayd khatumo secession leader Prof Ali Khalif Galayd who is a US citizen, NO at the Mogadishu based parliament and leader of Khatumo Secession has in the recent past been prowling eastern Somaliland with intent to disturb the peacedenied by citizens who evict him wherever lands.