Somaliland: Productive Sectors Loan Scheme Initiated


Somaliland Fishing sector among beneficiaries

By: A.A Jama

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – State minister of livestock Hon. Abdirrahman Jamac Abdalla has today open a seminar for a project which will help farmers, fisheries, livestock owners under funding by FAO, UNHCR and USAID.

The project will give same money to eight hundred and twenty six people for helping themselves the donors will give them credit the opening ceremony of the seminar the state minister said that the aim of this project is to boost up the work of the young formers, fisherman, and live stock owners he added that the project will starting from February 2014 until the end of the year.

The state minister of live stock Hon. Abdirrahman Jamac Abdalla said that this money is a credit to this people they have to return it back after they benefited out of it among the people who attended the seminar were the director general of the ministry of live stock with head of FAO in Hargeisa Mr. Mohamud Ahmed Cagaweyne and the head of FAO in Nairobi they all said that this project is to boost up the work of the young farmers, fisherman, and live stock owners.