Somaliland: Private Sector Educationists to Operate within National Curriculum


Minster GedooleBy M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun – The education minister Hon. Farah Elmi Geedole has just met with the local operators of private schools.
The meeting of Prof. Geedole with educationists follows hot on the heels of a similar one he held with public head teachers a week earlier on in a bid to enhance educational services provision in the country.

The minister noted that both the public and private schools had similar goals of educating the nation.
He cautioned the head teachers against facilitating schooling “short-cuts’ that hamper educational procedures by allowing the jumping or ‘skipping’ of grades or classes to the detriments of learners.
The private sector educationists pledged their readiness in operating as per policy by adhering to ministerial guidelines.
They, at the same time, hailed the minister for calling for such orientation meetings just as their public colleagues priory welcomed such move.
The minister newly took over the education pool folio a month ago after serving in the agricultural ministry in similar capacity in a tenure described by pundits as one that was quite exemplary.