Somaliland: Prison Commissioner Officially Visited Awdal And Gabiley Region Prisons


Prisons Commander

By: AA Jama

BORAMA: (Somaliland) – The commissioner of prisons in Somaliland Maj general Mohamed Hassan Farah visited Awdal and Gabiley region to monitor the general condition of the prisons in those two regions.

During his official tour in Borame town, General Mohamed Hassan visited prisons in the town to see how the condition of the prisoner was. He said “the government of Somaliland will build new prison cells that will have beds, bathrooms, recreation facilities such as football ground”

General Mohamed also toured Gabiley Prison where he saw that prisoners are congested and he promised that the government will ensure that Gabiley region has new prison cells to accommodate the influx of other prisoners coming from within the regions.

During the tour, other official present were Omar Sidamo and other government officials.

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