Somaliland: Prince Claus Award to honour Mohamed Warsame Hadraawi


Somalilandsun – Prince Claus Award will honour the works of Mohamed Warsame Hadraawi in a ceremony to be held in Hargeisa, Somaliland on the 17th of April 2013 reports

The award will specially be given for the latest book by Hadraawi : The Man and the Poet in addition to his profound and beautiful poems . The book will also be launched on the same day.

Prince Claus Award committee said that ” Mr. Hadraawi is honoured for creating profound and beautiful poems that enrich and expand the centuries-old oral poetry tradition that is central to contemporary Somali culture and identity, for sustaining shared historical awareness and include discourse in divisive times, for his lifelong commitment to community development and social justice, and for building bridges, providing inspiration and promoting peace.

About Prince Claus Awards :

The Prince Claus Awards are presented annually to individuals and organisations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean for their outstanding achievements in the field of culture and development and the positive effect of their work on their direct environment and the wider cultural or social field. Quality is a sine qua non for an award.

The Prince Claus Fund presents one Principal Prince Claus Award of €100.000 and ten Prince Claus Awards of €25.000. The Principal Award is presented to the laureate in Amsterdam by one of the Fund’s Honorary Chairmen in the presence of the Royal Family. The other ten awards are presented by the Dutch ambassador in the countries where the laureates live and work in order to increase local impact.

I. The Prince Claus Awards Committee

The Prince Claus Awards Committee consists of independent experts from different countries representing a broad range of disciplines. The Awards Committee provides advice to the Board on the annual selection of the laureates.

The members of the Awards Committee provide their services voluntarily for a term of two years. This term can be extended by two more years.

The Prince Claus Awards Publication

The Fund publishes an annual Awards book in which the laureates of that year are presented through photos of their work and laudations written by experts in their fields.

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The Prince Claus Awards honour outstanding achievements in the field of culture and development. The awards are presented annually to 11 individuals or organisations whose cultural actions have a positive impact on the development of their societies.

In keeping with the Prince Claus Fund’s guiding principle that culture is a basic need, the awards highlight significant achievements in areas where resources and opportunities for cultural expression, creative production and research are limited and cultural heritage is threatened.