Somaliland: Prestigious Institutions Honour Journalist Nimo Samriye


Journalist Nimo Samriye

Somalilandsun – Nimo Samriye has been recognized and voted as the most admired, most respected, most popular, most influential, most iconic female journalist among the Somali speaking people anywhere in the world
Nimco conducts a famous programme from cable news television that brought and sourced her to become the most famous popular female journalist in east Africa or among the Somali speaking people throughout the world in view her talents with regard the manner she presents her programme to the public which captured the hearts and the mind of her spectators. The way she presents and style she respects her guests attained the appreciation of her viewers. Nimco is an icon for her programme and for cable news television as well. I am always aimed to share stories of people who by their sheer determination and hard work, have not only, achieved success in their career but are also grounded and humble in their approach to life; whose stories are worth sharing and inspiring. Nicmo Samriye, is one of those inspiring people I came across in her as a female journalist. Her journalism style made her the voice of the nation and everyone who watch lovely programme make him/her pleased in view of the approach she conducts with her programme which made her the most liked female journalist, Being like her programmes, I have the honour to write a short story about her talented quality which certainly 100 % of her listeners shares with me. While camera is focussed to certain people within the media people, some people operate under stress, but with regard to Nimco, she acts like a story to her friends in her ample time in her house with her friends, as she never feels under stress and this made her as a unique female journalist
On March 2012 the faculty at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University, together with an Honorary Committee of alumni, selected “the 100 Outstanding Journalists in the United States in the Last 100 Years.” The list was selected from more than 300 nominees plus write-ins and was announced at a reception in honour of the 100th anniversary of journalism education at NYU on April 3, 2012 and female journalist an Iranian origin Christiane Amanpour long-time and distinguished international reporter for CNN selected the best female journalist in USA. Nimco unchallengeable best female journalist even not even the best journalist include male journalist .Journalism is undergoing drastic changes, journalists are being challenged to learn traditional concepts and practices while mastering the new media techniques that will help them redefine the industry as a whole, Nimco is considered as the most celebrated, most recognizable, most trusted, most popular,, most revolutionary most winning, most iconic served as anchor of journalism. The most popular journalists in the world live and breathe social platforms and their stories are share breaking news. Nimco is leading female journalist in the 21st century. People has the habit not watch while some programmes are on-going from our televisions, but it comes Nimco famous progrmme, situation is very much different and she attains the attention of all people watching the television and such attraction found rally in any where in the world.
Ismail Lugweyne