Somaliland: Presidential Entourage in Sahil


President  Mohamed Ahmed Mohamod Silanyo

By: Moody Boodle

Hargeisa: (Somalilandsun) The convoy of the delegation of senior government officials led by the President of Somaliland His Excellency Ahmed Mohamud Silanyo, ongoing meet the people tour in the regions bordering the shores of Somaliland ended in the port city of Berbera where the President spent the night.

The delegation that had set off from Sayla stopped in lughaya, in Selel region, where the Head of state laid a foundation stone construction of fisheries port witnessed by a jubilant community dwellers crowd. The delegation took a stop in Bulahar in the afternoon before heading to Berbera.

The President unique meets the people tour that was scheduled to cover the west, north and eastern regions is said will take a period of one month.

The Presidential tour is predicted to be heading to eastern regions as far as reaching the historical towns of Maid and Heis.