Somaliland: “Presidential Elections Preparations are Cosmetic, Says MP Saeed Elmi Roble


MP Roble says Somaliland governement plans to delay elections agsin

Somalilandsun – Despite several pledges made by the administration I am not sure presidential elections shall be held this November as slated.
This was stated by Somaliland Member of Parliament Saeed Elmi Roble during an interview with journalist Hamse Ali Bulbul of HCTV in Hargeisa where the legislator urged vigilance among citizens .
While acknowledging that the national election commission-NEC is currently issuing voter cards The vibrant Legislator and senior member of Opposition Wadani party said that this were just cosmetic displays for public consumption since the administration was intent on further extending its tenure through postponing the November presidential polls yet again.
“Although NEC is issuing registered voters with their cards in Awdal, Sahil and coastal areas of Sanaag region, budgetary constraints occasioned by non funds availability by the government point to an exercise in futility” said MP Roble
Justifing budgetary constraints as a foreseeable outcome in the ongoing NEC activity, MP Roble who wondered on what happened to the promised $4 from the central coffers said that this outcome was not as a resulted of empty coffers but pre-set strategies to slow down voter card issuance with subsequent delay in elections.
Said he, “Call me what you want but I will not shy from my duty to citizens thus as earlier warned be vigilant for elections must be held in order to avail you an escape from the many difficulties your are suffering due to poor policies of the current administration of President Silanyo and his ruling Kulmiye Party”

Saying that it was not worthy mentioning the ills being suffered by citizens as everybody is aware, MP Saeed Elmi Roble wondered on why Somaliland citizens have attained an I don’t care attitude as pertains poor policies of the administration that result in severe livelihood constraints.
To exemplify what he termed as public hoodwinking the legislator pointed to the scrapping of Independence Day commemorations this May purportedly to fundraise for drought relief as covert strategy at enriching a few.
Somaliland MP and member of Wadani party Saeed Elmi RobleOn the much touted multi-billion dollars foreign investments facilitated by the ministry of Energy, the MP said he was perturbed by what went wrong with Oil exploration.
Said he, “oil exploration now only for the benefit of a few with Connections in some Arab countries is another strategy to ensure that bread is on the tables of those few and not the public”
Reiterating his vigilance message to the public, as pertains their wellbeing describe status in the country as having having gone with the winds, MP Roble urged citizens to unite in pursuit of voting out the Kulmiye administration in favour of Wadani party thence a people’s welfare conscious leadership.
Describing the self seeking antics of current administration as surpassing any ever experienced anywhere, the legislator said that rather than discussions on what development projects they have availed in the positions, whenever senior government officials meet they are only engaged in arguments pertaining to the cost of the new house each is building or the number of floors their upcoming building Shall consists of.
In conclusion MP Saeed Elmi Roble of Opposition party Wadani said that to remedy the prevalent Status in which the prisons are full, public property is disappearing very fast and inflation is biting hard. Said Only the removal brought ballot of this administration’s can suffice.