Somaliland: Presidential Delegation in Eastern Regions Working Visit


President Silanyo and delegation arrive Ainabo town

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
AINABO (Somaliland sun) – Residents of Ainabo the capital of Sarar region are host to a national level delegation led by Somaliland president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo.
The head of state and his delegation that includes senior security officials among them army and police commanders and senior government senior is expected to under official’s duties in the three eastern regions of Sarar and Toghdeer as well as in Sahil.
During the journey from Hargeisa all the way to Ainabo town the president Silanyo was received by flag waving residents of the many trading centers and towns in between.
This is the first national delegation visit to Ainabo town where the Government of Somaliland and Khatumoists secessionists initiated unconditional reconciliation talks.
Citizens of Somaliland recovered the president Silanyo team all the way to AinaboWhile it is yet to be verified the the president shall probably engage in discussions with leaders both traditional and political from the Sool based Dhulbahante clan who are beneficiaries of major posts during the recent reshuffle in which one of theirs assumed the powerful interior ministry
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