Somaliland: President Visits Refugees from Yemen and inspects Berbera Port Facilities


President Silanyo hugs a toddler at the Yemen Refugee camp in Berbera Somaliland

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
BERBERA (Somalilandsun) – The President of Somaliland Ahmed Mahmud who is in Berbera where he is expected to inaugurate several established projects and launch newly ones has started work
The first duty undertaken by the head of state was to visit with refugees from Yemen hosted by his administration in the coastal city and regional capital of Sahil followed by an intense inspection of Berbera port facilities and on-going modernization projects.
During his meet with the hundreds of refugees from Yemen housed in pre-designated areas within Berbera the Somaliland president received briefing on their prevalent situation as well as plans for their relocation,.
Among those in the camps include Somaliland citizens who resided in Yemen prior to the Saudi led war on the Houthi and citizens of neighbouring Ethiopia and Somalia as well as natives of the Gulf country engulfed by conflict.
President and his team inspect refugee facilities at the berbera camp for those escaping war in YemenIn his parley with the refugees president Silanyo reassured those from neighbouring countries that the Somaliland government and its partners shall ensure a safe transit to their home countries while those wishing to reside in the country will receive all relevant assistance.
After the refugees visit the head of state and his entourage made an on foot inspection of entire infrastructure at the port of Berbera where port manager Ali Horhor was at hand to brief on status of on-going modernization works as well as related constraints.
President Silanyo at the port of BerberaThe President who arrived in Berbera yesterday is accompanied by the First Lady Amina Sheikh Mohammed Jirde led a large delegation in his entourage amongst them the Presidency Minister Hon. Hirsi Ali Hassan and Interior Minister Hon. Ali Mohamed Waran’áde among others,

Watch the president Silanyo meet with Refugees from Yemen
Watch the president Silanyo Berbera port Inspection