Somaliland: President Urges Populace to Collect Voters Cards


Says it is the first and only means of ensuring citizens vote for leader of choice

president Silanyo after meeting with the seven commissioners of the Somaliland National election commission

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun-The Head of State has urged Somalilanders to exercise their political rights and take part in the electioneering process by collecting their voting cards.
“It is of utmost honour for me to relay this message which carries the importance of voting cards collection which will start on the 29th of April 2017”, said the President.
He described the exercise as a triumphant one which translates into progressive development.
In a nationwide message through the media, the President stated that it was his utmost hope that the populace can handle both the tasks of collecting the cards and their efforts of relief services in juxtaposition and at the same time without any qualms.
The President reiterated that it was the state’s conviction that the Presidential election would be held as scheduled on the 13th November 2017.
He appealed to the populace to readily prepare themselves for the elections.