Somaliland: President to Promulgate Rape Law after Parliamentary Approval


Somalilandsun – Rapists in Somaliland will no longer be allowed to marry victims they instead face 20 years in prison or a life sentence if they infect their victims with HIV

This comes after Guurti, the upper chamber of parliament approved law #78 which had earlier been approved by its lower chamber, the House of Representatives.

At a session in parliament buildings chaired by Chairman Suleiman Mahmud Aden the rape law was approved courtesy of 35 aye votes, 7 nos while 8 abstained.

While the law shall become effective upon promulgation by the president for the first time in its history rapists in republic of Somaliland Rapists now stand to face at least 20 years in prison.


In the past, a victim’s family could force them to marry their rapist to avoid being shamed.

At the same sitting the Guurti elders also approved education law #77