Somaliland: President Strongly Advocates Freedom of Justice


High Court

By: Moody Boodle

Hargeisa: (Somalilandsun) Somaliland consists of three major billers or groups categorized as: – Government word terminology adopters which clearly mentions the actual meaning of the term (world) it checks the statement and balances the Democratic System of the government.

It also makes clear the contents and job description responsibilities for example; Somaliland consists of executive body, the judiciary and the legislative.

Though in Somaliland the house of elders is considered as the highest ranked body and their duties are to adopt the law of the nation. The 3rd organ is the judiciary department headed by chief of Justice; he is also the chairperson of justice committee as well as the chief national constitutional court. In these all different courts come under his responsibilities.

How do they work together?

When the Somaliland National Committee announces the electoral results gave by the President it is automatically forwarded to the National High Court after approval. The Chief of the Higher Court takes the oaths in this way legal president is officially announced. The President nominates the chief justice and has the right to suck him with the collaboration of the house approval.

The parliament will make the oath of chief of justice and his assistant, the cabinet of the ministers. Parliament has the rights to accept or reject.

Somaliland National Budget is voted and the parliament has the rights either to accept or reject, he also certify the government proposals. If the parliament forwards a new law the President has rights to approve or to reject. In this way every organ is carrying its specific duties no o institutions can loot the others duties.

At the resent days pebbles or fattened words are escalated mentioning justice interventions as being reported by Court of Appeal and the Chief of the Regional Court of Hargeisa but as matter of fat Somaliland freedom of justice has been strongly built by Silanyo regime ever since the regain of the Independent.

Since Silanyo took the power, physical changes was made. A highly educated youth from the universities has been employed by the ministry of justice in order to improve their capacity and the department of justice fully became independent and trustworthy.

For this reason it is fraud to tell fake stories. The President is willing to achieve the freedom of Somaliland justice, because they adopted a complete and powerful independent justice organ. He declared that his government will take action anybody or any institution directly or indirectly intervenes the justice activities HOW HIGH HE IS, this is a clear evident towards the judiciary.

Any claims opposing the government from the judiciary department shall follow the right procedures in written to the President and its legal bodies; it is not to send through the media.