Somaliland: President “Silanyo’s” Welcoming Event-Washington DC


President Silanyo (C) and his USA EntourageBy Issaq Gass and Samiir Barre

WASHINGTON DC (Somalilandsun) – Only one day left, if you’re located in North America please make sure to attend the event organizerd by the Somaliland community in the USA in Honour of their Visiting president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo at Westfield Marriot Washington Dulles in Chantilly, Virginia On 27 April at 18:30 in EDT .

If we look at the trend of past Somaliland Presidents this might be Siilanyos first and last time to visit us here in the US as president. For example President Egal (AHN) came to NYC once in 1999 during his term. President Rayaale only came once in 2006 during his two terms. We must not only take advantage of this opportunity but show him and his delegation a warm welcome as well. If you’re located outside of North America please pass the message to all family and friends here in North America. The event details can be found below, RSVP in advance. For directions to the location call this number (703) 818-0300. Doors to the event close at 7, do not be late.

For more details visit event page President “Silanyo’s” Welcoming Event-Washington DC