Somaliland: President Silanyo visits National Forces at the Frontline


Hon. Ahmed Mohamed Mahmud Silanyo

• “The aim of my visit to most of the regions and districts in the country was to assess the living conditions of my people”
By: Mahmoud Qodah

Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) – President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo in his tour to most of Somaliland regions where he cut the ribbon of a number of accomplished projects and in the meantime laid the foundation stones for other new projects which are expected to be started soon, has finally paid unexpected visit to the National Forces at the front.
The president of Somaliland Republic addressing to the national forces at Ganbadha town – one of villages of Sool region which is a frontline for the armed forces of Somaliland National Forces – encouraged them to keep up their efforts and noted, “Somaliland people are highly proud of their national forces. You are the defenders of the sovereignty, independence and the territorial integrity of this nation, Somaliland; who are honest for this country as you are ready to sacrifice for your lives for the sake of this nation. We are highly appreciating for your strenuous work and your valiance.”
“Today we have come here, in order to assess your condition and to say thanks for the work that you have done for this nation and its people and to motivate you to keep up the tireless work that you have for Somaliland, so thank very much and we are and will be proud of you forever.”
The president in his visit to Ganbadha has been accompanied by Somaliland National Army Chief of Staff, Brigadier Ismail Shaqale and Minister for Defense Ahmed Haji Ali Adami, Who have briefed the condition and statutes of the national army to the president. They also expressed their gratefulness to the president for his visit to the army in the frontline.
On the other hand; President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo expressing his visit to most of the regions in the country told that the aim of his visit was to assess the living conditions of his people, and to get a chance in order to listen his people’s needs. He pointed out that there are achievements reached by his administration and also a lot of things that need to be addressed.
“In every place, people were telling me complaints. Needs can’t be fully addressed in one time, I promise to address and respond to their quests as much as we can do,” Said President Ahmed Silanyo.
Mahmoud H. Qodah