Somaliland: President Silanyo visits Liverpool


By: Mo Ali/Medeshi

Somalilandsun – The President of Somaliland Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo is in the UK city Liverpool after departing from London early on Saturday morning.The President was accompanied by members of his family and Somaliland government officials as well as diplomatic representatives of Somaliland in Britain.

The president is expected to meet large Somaliland communities in Liverpool and will address the public in the coming days.

Meanwhile the president and his family will visit Jama Mohamed Mohamud , President’s brother who is ill and has been in hospital for a long time.

Brief background of A M Silanyo

Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud “Silanyo” was born in 1936 in Burao, Togdheer region of Somaliland. Between 1946 and 1957, Mohamoud studied at schools in Sheekh and Amoud, where he completed his secondary levels.

Upon graduation, he moved to England to pursue higher studies. From 1958 to 1960, Mohamoud enrolled in the London University and obtained an advanced General Certificate of Education (GCE). He then studied at the University of Manchester, where he earned both a Bachelor’s Degree (1960-63) and a Master’s Degree (1963-65) in Economics . During the 1980s, he acted as Chairman of the Somali National Movement (SNM). Mohamoud is the current President of Somaliland. Standing as an opposition candidate, he was elected to office during Somaliland’s 2010 presidential election.

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