Somaliland: President Silanyo Ushers-in Ramadan with Inspection Tour


By: Hasan O HorriPresident Silanyo visits a patient at the children hospital

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The president H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo has extended a message of good tidings to citizens and Muslims at-large.

“I hereby congratulate all Somalilanders both in the country and diaspora as well as all Muslims during this Holy month of Ramadan in which I wish you all good tidings as you observe you fast which I pray, Allah shall make bearable and fruitful” read a statement released by presidential spokesperson Ahmed Suleiman Duhul.

The annual 30 days of fasting prescribe by Islamic tenets for all its able adult adherents during the holy month of Ramadan started in Somaliland on the 10th July after official declaration by the minister of Religion and Endowment Sheik Khalil A Ahmed.

A Hargeisa municpality employee briefs president Silanyo CPrior to this the head of state accompanied by various administration officials mad a whirlwind inspection tour of a number of facilities including the children’s wing added to Hargeisa Group hospital, Hargeisa municipality, ministry of information headquarters and the Egal international airport which are all based in the capital city Hargeisa.

The president and his entourage devoid of the usual retinue of hawk-eyed presidential security guards included state minister at the presidency Mohamed Muse Abees, Private Secretary to the president Ali Ahmed Ali, Commander of the presidential security guard Gen Feisal Kamil Isse and Police commissioner Gen Fadal Iman

The unscheduled presidential inspection tour which caught employees off-guard ensued with detailed briefings of prevalent status with the head of state urging immediate conclusion to on-going works at the Egal international airport whose completion date is long overdue.